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Why "tailor made" software ?

Custom designed software, often known as tailor made software, not only fits the exact requirements of an organisation, but also factors in matters such as existing network infrastructure, incorporation with existing software packages and maintenance requirements.

There are now a host of software solutions readily available on the market.
Most of them are not designed or developed according to the specific needs of an enterprise.

Even though ready-made or pre-packaged software solutions may work properly and can help you undertake your tasks, they may not be flexible enough to carry out certain functions that your business requires effectively and efficiently.

Perhaps for these reasons, many people nowadays increasingly lean on custom designed business software solutions. These software packages or solutions are created to fulfill the specific needs of an enterprise.

Some advantages:

  • effective and easy tracking of business processes
  • flexibility and consistency
  • easy to use as well as maintain
  • scalable
  • high speed
  • cost-effective
  • provide well structured frameworks and methodologies
  • allows a business to be more ordered
  • ensures improved productivity as well as enhancing profit
  • enhancing ROI (Return on Investment.)
  • considerable savings in time
  • effective monitoring of business records and activities
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • minimized business risk.
  • integration with other "Office" applications

In other words, custom designed software can provide significant benefits over using 'off the shelf' business software.

A key benefit of tailor-made software is that it easily goes with your system platform or version, as it is particularly made to suit your business requirements.

Since customised software is developed for a particular purpose, it has not been attached to any kind of 'extra' programs or features.
Many of these 'extra' features, which have to be there in 'off the shelf' software, may not actually be of use and render such sofware difficult to use and confusing for the user

I specialise in:

  • tailor made database software applications
  • point of sale systems
  • all kinds of websites (with/without integrated shopping carts and 'flipbooks')
  • barcode and smartcard technology integration
  • certified 'Train the Trainer' training for your management and staff

My portfolio page highlights case studies of developed applications .... feel free to have a look around....

I am situated in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and can work and deliver software remotely via the internet.

Get in touch with me through my contact page should you have any questions or comments. Initial consultations are usually free of charge......